Kim Rideout‘s short film script “The Dog House” won the 2012 Adrienne Shelly Foundation Boston University Production Grant. The grant allowed her to produce the script, and the film is now available on Vimeo. She currently works as a Script Supervisor in New York City and continues to write screenplays in her spare time.

Winning Project: The Dog House

Wanna-be super sleuth Owen Green never wanted a dog. Hell, he never wanted a girlfriend either, but Emma managed to convince him that was a good idea as well. But when he sets eyes on Elvis at the pound, there’s no going back. So much so that he can’t understand how anyone could have ever given the poor pup up for adoption. Owen takes it upon himself to seek out these treacherous former owners and confront them for their crimes, making sure to keep his operation hidden from Emma’s disapproving eyes. In the process, Owen uncovers more than he expected and is forced to make a choice that changes his perspective.

“The Dog House” is based on the short story of the same name by Josh Gross, featured in his collection “Secrets & Lies.”


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