Q: Who are the recipients of Adrienne Shelly Foundation (ASF)grants and scholarships?

A: Our goal is to support the artistic achievements of female actors, writers and directors who are either working on current short and feature film projects, new productions, or are seeking to transition from acting to writing and directing.

Q: How do I apply?
A: The Foundation has partnered with several prominent academic and filmmaking institutions that have existing programs in place to aid female actors, writers and directors. Our grants and scholarships are made through these fine institutions, and not directly with the recipients.

Q: Do the institutions or the Foundation choose the recipients?
A: Both. The Foundation reviews a group of carefully selected semi-finalists and makes the ultimate decision as to who receives our awards. We find that this process recognizes the value of each institution and their respective application processes; the overall merits and qualifications of each applicant; and gives the Foundation an ability to make an imprint on who is chosen to receive our funding.

Q: When does the Adrienne Shelly Foundation award its grants and scholarships?
A: All of the current awards are made in the Spring and Summer.

Q: What are the criteria for selection?
A: We look for bright, creative, committed artists who possess a similar passion, spirit and vision for which Adrienne was known.

Q: What is the financial amount of ASF awards?
A: The financial amount of our grants and scholarships vary.

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: No

Q: How can I support the Foundation’s mission?
A: Our grants and scholarships are made possible from private and corporate contributions. Please refer to our Donate page to make your donation.