Hannah Utt is a director / writer / actor best known for the digital series, Disengaged, which she directed for Super Deluxe as co-creator, writer and star, alongside collaborator, Jen Tullock. She and Tullock’s short film, Partners, which they co-wrote/produced/starred in, premiered in the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Their feature film, STUPID HAPPY, which Hannah will direct and star in (across Tullock), was a participant in the 2016 Sundance Producers Lab, 2017 Catalyst Women Initiative and the 2017 Sundance Screenwriters and Directors Lab. Prior to her acceptance into the Director’s Lab, Hannah participated in the Sundance-sponsored workshop, The Director’s Club with Joan Darling and Gyula Gazdag.

Her directorial debut, Sisters, premiered at SBIFF in 2014 and is now in development at Sundance Now as a half-hour TV series with Executive Producer Gail Berman.

Synopsis of STUPID HAPPY:

When codependent sisters, Rachel and Jackie lose their father and find out the mother they thought died when they were young is not only alive, but a b-list celebrity, they’re forced into a literal soap opera in which they must confront their past in order to move forward with their future.


DISENGAGED – directed by Hannah Utt, written by and starring Hannah Utt and Jen Tullock (who will star as Rachel and Jackie in STUPID HAPPY).

Grant Winning Project: STUPID HAPPY (2018)