ASF Partners with Cassian Elwes’s Horizon Award

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Adrienne Shelly Foundation to Sponsor Horizon Award for Young Female Directors

Award Founded By Indie Producers Cassian Elwes, Christine Vachon & Lynette Howell

NEW YORK, November 5, 2015—The Adrienne Shelly Foundation (ASF) announced today its partnership with independent film producers Cassian Elwes, Christine Vachon, and Lynette Howell for the Horizon Award.

The Horizon Award, now in its second year, sends two female college students or recent graduates to the Sundance Film Festival, where they will have the opportunity to have their work viewed by some of Hollywood’s most influential directors and producers, who will also provide valuable mentorship. Last year’s award was given to filmmaker and Syracuse alum Veronica Ortiz-Calderon for her short film Y Ya No Te Gustas. This year the Horizon Grant will be awarded to two filmmakers.

Each of the two winners will receive a $2,500 Adrienne Shelly Filmmaker Grant in addition to their all-expense paid Sundance trip from Horizon.

“Partnering with Cassian, Christine and Lynette on the Horizon Grant is exactly the sort of support for female filmmakers which mirrors ASF’s mission,” said Andy Ostroy, ASF’s executive director. “And being able to make an impact so early in the careers of these talented young women is truly exciting.”

“I am so respectful of what the foundation is about and what it does,” said Elwes. “The wind is behind us now since launching the award at last year’s Sundance Festival. The media is discussing the issue, the government is investigating it, and multiple organizations have taken up the cause of creating more opportunity for female directors in Hollywood, We could not be more excited to have the Adrienne Shelly Foundation join us in our cause. Adrienne was an extremely talented director and it is fitting that the foundation is helping other young female directors begin the journey.”

The Horizon Award is also supported by Los Angeles Women in Film, Vimeo, Twitter, The Black List, CreativeFuture, WireImage, Verge, The Creative Mind Group, and the Sundance Institute.